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Roof assessments are a valuable tool when a building owner wants to establish a comprehensive plan for managing roof assets. The assessment will provide an overview of conditions on various roof areas or buildings and allow for a strategy to prioritize spending, plan for repairs and maintenance which can extend the life of a roof system and to replace roofs as needed. Roof assessment services offered by Roof Tech Inc. are always customized to fit each client's specialized situation. Our representatives will talk with you, evaluate your project, and provide a written proposal detailing the scope of work Roof Tech will perform. A roof assessment often includes the following information:

  • Roof history review

  • Detailed visual inspection of existing conditions, deck type, walls, and construction details

  • Consideration of building activity, future use of building, interior environment, and local code requirements

  • Nuclear or Infrared thermograph moisture survey (if required)

  • Sampling and asbestos testing

  • Preliminary evaluations of options to repair, recover, or replace

  • Comprehensive documentation of our findings, including photographs and drawings

  • Preliminary recommendations including budget estimates, energy, and life-cycle costing