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Roof Condition Survey

Morgan Township School
Valparaiso, Indiana

Prepared For East Porter County School Corporation

Roof condition surveys provide important information in a concise format to establish both long and short term budget planning. These assessments provide a framework to direct needed repairs and routine maintenance that can ensure that the roof systems meet or exceed their expected service life.

The roof condition survey for Morgan Township School called for the visual inspection of a large school building with 13 roof areas. There were three different types of roof systems which had been applied at various times and by different contractors. The information collected during the assessment was provided in a report to the owner with photos of specific conditions noted for each roof area. A spreadsheet was supplied that provided a summary of the roof conditions, recommendations and budgets in a single location.

The report allowed the school to establish a prioritized strategy to address roof repairs and replacement. We were able to recommend repair methods on some roof areas that enabled the school to extend the service life and postpone total roof replacement.

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