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Corporate Headquarters
Merrillville, Indiana
Roof Renovation Design by Roof Tech Inc

The main office roof areas were constructed with 8” thick structural concrete deck covered with an asphaltic fill sloped from the perimeter to the roof drains to create the impetus for rainwater to flow to the drainage system. The existing roof system was a .045 ballasted EPDM system.

Since the structural deck could easily handle the weight, the asphaltic fill provided the slope and the concrete deck was difficult to fasten insulation to, we decided to reinstall a ballasted EPDM system.

We upgraded to .060 membrane and installed a 5” flashing strip over all field seams for a longer expected service life. We also added concrete pavers ad the outside perimeters to reduce the possibility of gravel blowing over the edge. A new cant-dam type perimeter metal system was installed with a color complementary to the wall system.

On the penthouses there were some low lying ventilator blades which were removed and blocking installed to create proper flashing heights.

The owner had previously installed a perimeter tie-off system for window cleaners which we flashed the pipe penetrations to the new roof system.

Overall view of existing ballasted EPDM system.
View of typical skylight.
View of system and penthouses. The bottom of the large louvers was reworked to allow proper flashing heights.

Construction Photos

Incorporating existing tie-off penetration and cable system into new roof.
Raised curbs and furnace vents for proper flashing height.
Installing seam and secondary seam cover.

Completed Project

Installation of pavers near exterior perimeter.
Blocking, flashing and counter flashing at areas where vent louvers were renovated.
Installation of pavers at new perimeter metal. Installation of new membrane flashing at wall.