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ArcelorMittal USA

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Michigan City, Indiana
Roof Renovation Design by Roof Tech Inc

Main roof area and penthouse roof had steel decks while the area behind the mechanical screen had a concrete deck. Slope to drain was created by the structural steel on the main roof and we designed a four way tapered system on the penthouse.

The penthouse walls were covered with a static louvered wall system which we removed and replaced with a metal panel system.

The drainage system met the code and requirements for the primary drains but did not have a secondary system which we rectified by cutting overflow scuppers through the perimeter walls.

We designed a .060 reinforced, fire retardant EPDM system with 5” cover strips over all field seams over insulation meeting the requirements of ASHRAE 90-1 and fastened to exceed code requirements for wind uplift protection.

The mechanical penthouse on the main roof area used louvers as the siding.
The roof covering was .045 EPDM with a ballasted surface.
Overview of the roof and penthouse system.
Much of the equipment behind the mechanical screen was obsolete.
Removal of the louver system during construction.
Tapered edge at the drain to enhance drainage.
The penthouse is now covered with vertical siding to match the exterior of the building.
Overflow scuppers were cut into the sidewalls to meet code drainage requirements.
The louvers actually required for air intake were left in place and will be painted to match the siding.